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  • AA Quality Fluorite Pyramid $16

    Beautiful Fluorite gemstone pyramids.
    Measures 1.5″
    Priced each. One will be personally and intuitively selected just for you.

    Fluorite can act as a ‘psychic vacuum cleaner’ clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, mental blocks, negativity.

    – clears ones aura
    – stregnthens the third eye
    – promotes spiritual and psychic awarness
    – helps with decision making
    – helps with meditation and quieting the mind
    – promotes general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems


  • Titanium Tiger Eye Sphere $30

    Titanium Tiger Eye Sphere
    Measures approx 1.25″ to 1.75″
    This powerful combination works with you to bring the confidence, personal power, and manifestation you are looking for. Use Titanium Tiger Eye to also assist with inner strength and courage as it balances the energy body.
    Priced each.
    Your sphere will be intuitivley and specially hand selected for you.
    Includes an organza pouch.
    Free gift with your purchase.

  • 4″ Labradorite Sphere $130

    Nice flash on this 4″ Labradorite Sphere
    Labradorite works on all Chakras, and stronlgy with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.|
    Work with this stone as it ears, balances & protects the aura,  gives insight into your destiny, attracts success. Also can be helpful with reducing stress and anxiety, increasing intuition, and psychic development.
    A very protective stone.
    – Self Confidence
    – Highly Motivating
    – Increase in psychic abilities
    – Place under the pillow for dream recall
    – Shields and protects the aura
    – Removes fear so one can share their personal truth

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  • Large Blue Aragonite Sphere $220

    Beautiful large Blue Aragonite Sphere
    Measures 4 1/2” diameter

    Blue Aragonite increases energy during prayer and ritual work, boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth, diminishes anger and relieves stress. Helps with meditation, and teaches acceptance and patience, especially helpful to those who feel they have too much responsibility.  Physically can be beneficial for chronic fatigue, hair loss.

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