Sacred Heart Shaman, Peruvian & Norse Shamanism

Take a look beyond the veil with Jen Heartfire, Sacred Heart Shifter.

Channeled messages from guides with or without oracle cards.

Her natural gifts to see beyond illusions and feel deeply into an individual and the situation has been a part of her world since a young child as she was born a natural energy healer, seer, & empath.

We are not our stories or experiences. We are what we choose to be moving forward when we hear the truth. Sometimes seeing the inner parts of ourselves can be intimidating and jolting. Oftentimes we run backwards in fear or don’t want to acknowledge them due to our own ego or pain that keeps getting reactivated. When we step out of the need to feel safe at all costs is when we can truly own that this is all for our highest good so that we can walk the path of light and integrate all our shadows. Allowing ourselves to live completely from the heart space.

Healing specialties:

  • Psychic surgery clears old energy that has lived dormant in our bodies.
  • Deep frequency healing to change the energetic patterns that have lived in our bodies, from trauma, repeating patterns caused from distress, or past life that are unhealed.
  • Trauma caused by a loved one’s passing-psychopomp work and messages from them before they pass through the veil.
  • Ancestral clearing-energies and patterns that have passed through generations.

Her gentle spirit will give you compassionate yet direct insight into your heart, and soul to assist you in moving in a direction serving your highest good in the now.

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