Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium & Humorist

Shannon brings healing, hope, and humor to those suffering grief from losing a pet or human loved one. She provides life-changing insights into behavioral, emotional, and medical challenges with animals of all species, directly from their perspectives. She offers loving, spot-on, non-judgmental psychic guidance for human challenges. Shannon has great respect and integrity for the sacredness of this work. She uses every trauma and stress she’s been through to help others and this has made her a trusted source and friend of the Spirit World and Animal Kingdom. She also communicates with those unable to communicate for themselves such as babies in the womb, spirit, or in body and those with illness or disability.

Shannon uses her natural gifts to help her human and animal clients live their happiest and healthiest lives. Her work as a Humorist complements her intuitive abilities in keeping her sessions balanced and full of LIGHT. She credits her first dog, Teddy and the heartache caused by his death and being told pets don’t go to Heaven, with her being gifted with “NARNIA” like abilities to prove with evidence that they live on the same way people do… in love, laughter and peace. She jokes animals trust her because she’s feral, and people hire her because she’s fur real.

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