Reiki Energy Healing with Keren

Keren was born a natural empath of Taino Indian descent, learning at a young age about energy and spirituality. She spent her time growing up in NYC as well as the countryside of New York which helped her gain energetic balance. After a powerful shamanic journey as a teen Keren dedicated herself to spiritual studies and Shamanic practice. She has been practicing for over 12 years. Keren began her Reiki path 7 years ago and discovered her natural proclivity to energy healing. She attended NY’s Omega Institute and completed her Shamanic Reiki Master Certification.

Keren combines both the traditional Usui reiki Healing techniques with Tuvan and Native American Shamanic practice for a powerful healing experience. She is available for both traditional Reiki healing sessions as well as Shamanic Reiki healing sessions. Shamanic Reiki healing sessions can include but are not limited to, journeying, soul piece retrieval, finding your animal totems and spirit guides, and removing energetic intrusions.

Keren utilizes Shamanic drumming sound techniques, rattles, feathers, Huacas, crystals, herbs, oils, and intuitive channeling. She is also available for teaching and passing on Reiki level 1, 2, and 3 (Reiki Master) attunements.

Healing Sessions
Traditional Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions:
  • $72- 30min
  • $108- 45min
  • $144- 1 hour
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing sessions are 1 hour minimum Reiki Classes:
    • Reiki Level 1 attunement/ class $175-
    • Reiki Level 2 attunement/class $200-
    • Reiki Level 3 attunement/ class $275-
Reiki Attunement classes will have a Shamanic twist, you will learn Shamanic Reiki as well as traditional Usui Reiki. Keren looks forward to meeting and working with you!

Energy Healing with Jen

Take a look beyond the veil with Jen Heartfire, Sacred Heart Shifter.

Channeled messages from guides with or without oracle cards.

Her natural gifts to see beyond illusions and feel deeply into an individual and the situation has been a part of her world since a young child as she was born a natural energy healer, seer, & empath.

We are not our stories or experiences. We are what we choose to be moving forward when we hear the truth. Sometimes seeing the inner parts of ourselves can be intimidating and jolting. Oftentimes we run backwards in fear or don't want to acknowledge them due to our own ego or pain that keeps getting reactivated. When we step out of the need to feel safe at all costs is when we can truly own that this is all for our highest good so that we can walk the path of light and integrate all our shadows. Allowing ourselves to live completely from the heart space.

Healing specialties:

  • Psychic surgery clears old energy that has lived dormant in our bodies.
  • Deep frequency healing to change the energetic patterns that have lived in our bodies, from trauma, repeating patterns caused from distress, or past life that are unhealed.
  • Trauma caused by a loved one’s passing-psychopomp work and messages from them before they pass through the veil.
  • Ancestral clearing-energies and patterns that have passed through generations.

Her gentle spirit will give you compassionate yet direct insight into your heart, and soul to assist you in moving in a direction serving your highest good in the now.

Shamanic Card Readings/or Psychic Reading
$72- 30 minutes
$144- 1 hour
Shamanic readings tap into your emotions, your guides as well as mine, and the cards to give you clarity in the situation pertaining to your question.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval
$255-  2.5 hour session
Retrieving lost soul parts. These are soul parts that have left the body due to severe trauma. When our body cannot handle the emotional stress of a situation, parts of our soul will leave our body so that we may still live in our current situation. This happens to many young children as a survival mechanism to cope. 1-3 soul parts will be retrieved and brought back into the body and placed in the head and heart. This includes a shamanic chakra clearing and sealing up the body in unconditional love and light.

Shamanic Healing
$155- 1 hour
$195- 1.5 hour
$255- 2 hours
Retrieving a power animal for guidance-communication, protection (1 hour)
Sessions Include-Mother/Father Trauma Wounds, past life healing, childhood or adult traumas such as abandonment, betrayal, shame, guilt, lies, hiding, losing of the voice, sexual trauma energy attachment or patterns, cord-cutting, retrieving the inner child(for increased intuition and self-worth), repeating life patterns (moving, jobs, same relationship issues, ect..). Karmic patterns. Extractions.

A one-hour session can only heal one main area but may include several roots to that issue.
90 minutes to 2 hours can include Shamanic Chakra Clearing and/or another core issue.

Shamanic Chakra Clearing
Energy work that is done with psychic surgery to the chakras. A deeper chakra clearing to heal the energy patterns that we have carried that are related to old stories or patterns in our bodies. Aligning the energy to where you are now, keep you in the past energetic systems and are tied to your old self. After healing, the body is sealed up with unconditional love and light frequencies to bring in a more balanced and healthier you. You may get homework from the guides on how to continue moving forward for your best good.

Twin Flame Healing
$155- 1 hour
$195- 1.5 hour
Connecting you back to your twin flame. Healing a place inside you where you are stuck and seeing the energy between the two of you to reconnect the energetic bond.

Shamanic Integration Session
$72- 30 minutes
$144- 1 hour
We talk through what shifts have taken place over the course of the week or two after your session. I assist you in moving forward in areas where you see where you need change, but there is stagnation or a stuck feeling.

Sacred Heart Guidance/Coaching
$50- 30 minutes
$100- 1 hour
Tuning into your guides as well as mine to soul align you on your life path. This session tunes into your heart and desires. We work on a soul alignment together to return you back to what your heart is really calling for you to walk your highest intended path.

Shamanic House Clearing
$195- 1.5 hours
At your location $20 travel fee
Shamanic Journey into the home energy space. Clearing the energy that has lived in your home, and installing new energy to what will bring in better flow, retrieving a power animal to guard over your home or space.

Soul Retrieval and All shamanic healings that are 1.5 to 2 hours may include shamanic chakra clearing depending on what else they are asking to accomplish.

All Clients should have a recorder ready and/or a notebook to take notes.
All sessions will include homework for the client where they need to go into their everyday life and continue to heal parts of their life to keep this flow of energy alive and activated to move forward.

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