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Large I Ching Coin
Priced Each
Measures .75″

I Ching coins (pronounced ee ching with a long e) can be used to set your intention to bring abundance, protection, good luck, good fortune, money, prosperity.
The I Ching coins have been used for thoursands of years and carry powerful symbolic energy and meaning. Used as a protector, a good luck talisman, divination tool and wealth manifestor.

– Place in your wallet or purse to attract more money in cash form.
– Place on your cash tin or cash register of your biz.
– Hang on your front door to attract wealth into your home.
– Place on your wealth altar in the South East sector of your home or biz.
– Place on your computer or next to your phone or wherever you receive your biz connections.

In Feng Shui practice, tie coins together in 3, 6, 8 or 9 by using red or gold ribbon or string to amplify the coins energies. Place them in the West and Northeast metal corner of your living room. This is a very powerful method of increasing wealth and abundance.

The more you use a symbol the more potent it can become. Your intention is the key here.
These coins can bring power to your positive affirmation for money and reminds you that you have the ability to create wealth in your life.

Each coin has a Yin side decpicted by two characters and Yang side which has 4 characters.
Keep Yang side showing for abundance, luck and wealth, etc…

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