Love Manifesting Kit


You are on a quest to attract new love into your life. Either you have your eye on a special someone or you’re ready to connect with someone new. If this is you, this Love Kit can be a powerful tool to incorporate into your ritual work. Use the kit to help in clear the path for new love that is in the proper alignment for where you are now.
Your Love Kit is cleared and charged using our in store Selenite Bed and contains:
1 Love Candle
1 Rose Quartz Stone
1 Pink Calcite Stone
1 Strawberry Quartz Stone
Loose dried Jasmine Flowers

However you feel led to use these tools is perfect. Go within and trust your guidance.
Some ideas that may be helpful:
Find a space or area that you feel is special and perfect for empowering your ritual such as on an altar or near your bath. Wherever you feel led to be.
Clear (smudge) the space of energies using herbs (and/or resins) such as white sage or dragonsblood or whatever your choice is that will enhance the intention.
Place the objects from your kit including the loose herbs/flowers, along with any other sacred items you have, around the candle/s to infuse as the candle/s are burning down.
Afterward you can carry any stones with you as you go about your day, for example in your pocket so they may connect with your energy field.
Infuse the herbs/flowers in oils for annointing, wearing, in a bath… or burn when smudging.

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